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Mindset Development Specifically Designed for Educators and Students

Changing Mindsets - Closing Achievement Gaps

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Mindset Development

Educators who are committed to mindset development position themselves to be their student's biggest inspiration. Motivated Education creates "Mindset Ambassadors"

Transform Classroom Culture

Many students, and teachers, haven't developed their awareness of how to monitor their thoughts. When campuses place an emphasis on thought development, classroom culture shifts!

Close Achievement Gaps

All students can achieve, but not all students BELIEVE they can achieve. Close achievement gaps by challenging mindsets that are self-defeating and hindering success in the classroom!

All Success Mental!

At Motivated Education we believe all students can succeed. The challenge, though, is not all students BELIEVE they can succeed. Even more challenging, is that many educators don't believe in the students they serve.

If you're serious about closing achievement gaps and raising the achievement level in your district, an emphasis on Mindset should be a key focus!

Success Starts in the Mind!

We understand how frustrating it can be to watch your students not live up to their fullest potential. What's more frustrating is not having the tools to help! 

That is why the mission of Motivated Education is to equip students and educators with the right beliefs about their abilities so that they succeed in the classroom, and ultimately in life!

We are committed to helping students identify self-defeating mindsets and position them to achieve great things in the classroom and beyond! 

Become A Mindset Ambassador!

Join the growing list of educators that have decided to join the cause of increasing self-belief in students. First, you must commit to your own personal development! Learn more about the many benefits of becoming a Mindset Ambassador!


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