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Mindset Development Designed for Educators and Students

Changing Mindsets, Closing Achievement Gaps

Start Developing Your Mindset

Develop Empowering Beliefs

Success, or failure, in the classroom has more to do with programmed beliefs than any curriculum in your district. In order to truly impact achievement gaps, Mindset MUST be prioritized!

Transform Classroom Culture

Close Achievement Gaps

Mindset mastery is critical to any intervention program.

Mindset > Curriculum

Every year, school districts change curriculum with the hope that this will be the change needed to close achievement gaps. Despite having the latest, greatest curriculum, the real change needs to take place in the mind. One of the biggest challenges in education today is simply this; a lack of BELIEF in ability by both students and the educator's that serve them.

Motivated Education develops educators' and students' MINDSETS through teaching personal development in order to help school districts close the achievement gap!

Success Starts in the Mind!

We understand how frustrating it can be to watch your students not live up to their fullest potential. What's more frustrating is not having the tools to help! 

That is why the mission of Motivated Education is to equip students and educators with the right beliefs about their abilities so that they succeed in the classroom.

We are committed to helping students identify self-defeating mindsets and position them to achieve great things in the classroom and beyond! 

Join the Motivated Education Personal Development Club!

Join the growing list of educators that have decided to join the cause of increasing self-belief in students. First, you must commit to your own personal development! Learn more about the many benefits of becoming a Mindset Ambassador!


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